CMU Tour
AR Experience

Design an AR tour experience for 10 years in the future with the concept of “A Day in the Life of a CMU Student” given the limitations and weaknesses
of current campus tours. Your goal is to tell stories, convey useful information, and delight users.

3 Weeks
(Fall 2022)
Dion Lewis
AR Design
Experience Design
Interaction Design
Lo-Fi Prototyping
Adobe Ai/AE/Aero
Link to full process below ⇩ Process

Final Tour Experience

Interaction 1

The schedule feature is accessible at all times by dragging the icon out from your hand onto the environment. This allows users to access various parts of the day at any time at their own pace..

Interaction 2

Personalized Guide
A survey is provided at the beginning of the experience to
gather information about the user’s interests, which is then
used to create a match for a tour guide. This tour guide stays
with the user throughout the experience, acting as a guide
around the campus.

Interaction 3

Personal Anecdotes
Each personalized guide provides unique personal anecdotes that highlight unique aspects about campus and student life that is often overlooked. This also provides a more realistic and trustworthy outlook on student life.